Roof Painting

Professional Roof Painting

While a weathered roof does have a certain charm, faded and dated tiles don’t always improve the look of a house. Most people want roofs that look sharp, clean and devoid of any moss. Phil Whicker provides roof painting at very affordable prices. This will increase the value of your property as well.

Concrete Roof Tile Painting

If your concrete roof tiles have a build-up of lichen and moss or if they have become stained with tree sap, dust, and debris, you should consider getting them painted by Phil Whicker Roof Restoration and Repair. We adopt a very specialized and meticulous approach to concrete tile painting. We will first use water-blasting equipment to clear all the mildew, moss and lichens from the surface tiles. We will then apply a sealant and then a base coat. The resilient, gloss colour glaze will follow for longevity and maximum protection against the elements.

What types of community organisations does Australia’s Bridge work with and How do the community organisations know they are getting quality work?

For small projects like replacing a window or patching a wall, the answer is no. For larger projects, In an architect can add tremendous value and cost savings to your project.

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Phil Whicker

Roof Restoration & Roof Repair

This is an example of a 38 year old roof that has been professionally restored by Phil Whicker Roof Restoration & Repair, giving it its original new appearance, rather than looking like another painted roof.

“It’s hard to believe that this roof was restored.”

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